Sunday, 4 March 2007

Major breakthrough on automated testing of XBMC streams

Hello everybody,

We are proud to announce to you today that we've made a major breakthrough on automated testing of .strm files for XBMC. This means that our efforts of creating a tool that automatically checks on the streams that are already part of XBMC-TV have suceeded and that we will be able to offer that new service by the end of next week. So in the future all streams inside the collection will be monitored permanently whether they still work or not. This will greatly improve XBMC-TV as the team will not have to spend time on manual testing any more and can spend more time on improving the collection (e.g. by adding more content or by coding a XBMC script). Believe it or not: Even if all team members would split the work of manually testing everything inside the collection perfectly it would still take hours to go through it.

We will be keeping you updated on the progress.



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Good news!

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