Tuesday, 13 February 2007

New snapshot pack available for download

Hey everybody,

It is good to be back online. I just got myself a brandnew ASUS WL-500GP and after everything is set up and configured I am close to say that this thing rocks :) Actually I had promised myself more from the feature to attach a USB2.0 HDD to it, but as I got the feature with it "for free" I am not gonna moan on speed and stuff. It is not a fully reliable NAS solution, but that is not said on the box, so I am okay with that...
So as I am now set up to go online again there will be more updates here and on xbmc-strm-collection. I am planning some major channel updates for this week to compensate you for not having an update this weekend.

I also have good news for those of you who have problems checking out code from SVN directly. Just some minutes ago I uploaded the new precompiled snapshot pack so that you can, after having downloaded and installed it on XBMC, sit back and enjoy the show :) What's in it? Around 200 LIVE TV channels and webcams from all over the world. The pack is available here:


Okay basically that is it for today.

See you again tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

hi can you add CBS & NBC
from usa ?

akaigotchi said...


sure, actually we already had those in the pack. But right now we don't have any stream URLs for that. There are some URLs which point to CBS or NBC affiliates, but actually they show nothing else but weather forecasts or traffic cams. If this is what you expect to see leave me a msg and I will add them immediately.