Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Snapshot pack will be delayed until Thursday

Hello everybody,

I am really sad to say this: The snapshot pack, that should have been on the Google code server yesterday will be delayed until Thursday because of technical reasons. Right now it is absolutely impossible for me to upload it to the Google Code server and the upload page times out every time I try it. I will try it on a different machine though on Thursday evening, as I will be away until then. I hope you understand this.

Of course we could have uploaded the file to some file sharing service like But I don't think this is a good idea, as I personally don't like the download speed (unless you are subscribed for quite a lot of bucks) of these services and I don't like their reliability (you will also have to be subscribed to improve that). If anyone knows a good service of that kind let me know, I am willing to change my mind :)

I am sorry for the delay.

All the best


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