Sunday, 18 February 2007

XBMC-TV needs a logo! Can you help?

One simple question: Wouldn't Coca-Cola be just be like any other cola, if it hadn't a logo? Well, I think you get the point :) This is one of the main reasons that XBMC-TV needs a logo! We want people to know, that they deal with the REAL thing and not just any of the streampacks around :) Basically the logo should be used with the upcoming website, the project's Google-Code site, the project wiki, as a folder icon for the collection, a logo for a maybe upcoming script, a forum icon for all project members,....

But as most of the people that are participating in the project right now are no GFX people we need your help! So if you have the skills, if you have an idea for a logo springing to your mind when you hear XBMC-TV and if you are willing to share some of your precious spare time with creating a logo for XBMC-TV: PLZ POST ME A NOTE!

We are already looking forward to work with you and are curious on your ideas.

Thanks for your help in advance!


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